Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Autumn nights

Hello! Well, I'm back and I've pretty much got on top of my evergrowing pile of assessments. Oh, and I've found a new fashion obsession...comfort. Yes, that's it. It may possibly be due to the fact that I'm super busy and it's much easier to get through a stressful day in the most comfiest, slouchiest jumper I can find. Add full-length tights, flats and a super long necklace (and possibly a beret on cooler days) and I have an outfit which is most acceptable to leave the house in.
Here are some photos from the weekend of me and my friend Amber (left) wearing our most comfy jumpers (and glasses without the lenses....)
Please excuse the fact that it's rare for me to put on a normal face for photos.

Have a lovely day/night! xo

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