Monday, March 1, 2010

DIY: Over the Knee Socks

DIY socks; shoes, Lipstik

 The first day of autumn [in Australia] brought cold weather and rain. The perfect excuse to stay inside and start a DIY project. Today's project? Over the knee socks. While it was a quick and easy project, I was fairly happy with the results! Next time, I'll attempt a pair with chains, ladders and/or studs! 

DIY Socks 
You will need:
A pair of stockings
Two pieces of ribbon (long enough to fit around you leg + tie a bow)

Cut legs off stockings (measure before you cut to make sure they're the length you want them. Cut vertical slits, about half a centimetre long as close to the top of the socks as possible. Thread ribbon through the slits. Tie ends of ribbon in a bow on the outer side of the socks (tight enough to make sure the socks don't slip down!).   


  1. how innovative! do u have any suggestions on how to rip denim shorts?? ;)

  2. to rip denim shorts, try drawing a line where you want the rips, make a hole in the shorts big enough to fit two fingers then use your fingers to rip the shorts. i hope this helps (: xo

  3. luv this, knee high socks look great when paired with bright colord heels!!