Monday, February 22, 2010

Dancing in sunshine

Dress: CKM, Boots: Minnetonka, Bracelets: Forever 21, Stockings: Razzamatazz
The weather was like a billion degrees.
As usual, I spent the day procrastinating and instead of doing what I planned, I dressed up in one of my most-worn outfits and played around with the camera. Quite hard to get a decent shot when you're home alone and relying on the camera's timer. But despite not completing my to-do list, I had a fun day frolicking in the sun - even though I felt like running off to live with the eskimos. After taking these photos, I immediately hurried to get my beloved moccasins, stockings and dress off, prefering to run around in my most comfortable, men's size XL Slipknot t-shirt for the rest of the afternoon!
P.S. Excuse the mess in the backgrounds of the second and third picture. Not my room!

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