Monday, February 22, 2010

Died and gone to shoe heaven

I heart shoes. Heels. Wedges. Boots. Sneakers. Flats. etc. I've compiled a list of my current loves which are, A) Absolutely perfect, B) Mainly ridiculously expensive and C) Too extravagent to be accepted in my tiny beachside town.
I'm home alone, wondering how I will occupy myself in order to avoid dying from boredom. A few dresses to hem. A few outfits to dig out of my wardrobe for college. A few (hundred) things to drool over on ebay. But since I'm a chronic procrastinator, I wonder what I'll end up doing. Trawling through fashion blogs? Watching Donnie Darko for the 2113456th time?

1 comment:

  1. stiletto and leopard print boots were my favorites. yes, i just died and went to shoe heaven!